We Specialize in:
  • Quality, percentage and full blood Lowline cattle.

  • All natural grass finished beef.
Lowline Advantages
  • Angus based breed for maturity and marblin

  • Noted for low birth wt., fast early growth and moderate mature rate, which reduces feeding costs.

  • Will marble on grass

  • Excellent mothers and calve without difficulty

  • Gentle, docile nature and do not require expensive handling facilities

  • Developed to produce a smaller framed, heavy muscled and efficient quality carcass

  • Ultra sound measurements done in Australia and the U.S. show and avg. 30% larger ribeye area / cwt and 45% less backfat

  • Advantages for managed intensive grazing having 2-3 times the stocking rate of conventrional cattle

  • Excellent for small acreage farms

  • Produces proportionately smaller cuts in tune with todays eating habits

  • Breed to first calf dairy heifers and reduce calving problems

  • Birthweight: 40-55 lbs.

  • Weaning Wt.: 250-300 lbs.

  • Mature Cow: 500-700 lbs.
      35-41 in. @ shoulder

  • Mature Bull: 800-1000 lbs.
      38-48 in. @ shoulder

  • Market Wt. Steer: 650-750 lbs.

  • *Avg. Half-Blood calf: 59 lbs.

  • Avg. 3/4-Blood calf: 52 lbs.

  • Homozygous black and naturally polled.

  • About 60% of the size of other beef breeds.

  • Are free of the dwarfism gene.